Court Frequently Asked Questions

Will this go on my driving record?

Any conviction (i.e., guilty plea or finding of guilty at trial) or bail forfeiture on traffic matters appears on your driving record. This excludes parking and ordinance violations. Bicycle violations and passenger citations do not go on your driving record, unless the citation was for a major traffic offense.

What if I cannot pay today?

You must appear in court and ask the judge for a payment agreement. The court will suspend your driver's license and/or issue a warrant for your arrest if you fail to pay your bail or fine on time. These types of actions result in additional cost to you.

What happens if I forget my court date?

If you forget your arraignment date for a minor traffic offense or a city code violation, the matter will be scheduled for trial and a notice sent to you advising of the date. If you fail to appear for trial, a guilty by default judgement will be entered against you.

My citation was for driving uninsured. What if I have found my proof of insurance?

Bring your proof of insurance with you when you appear. You may also appear before the Court Clerk on any business day prior to your court date.  There is a $25.00 administration fee for this service.

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