Welcome to the City of Pilot Rock


"The Rock", as it is known to locals, can be seen from the base of the Blue Mountains on a clear day 12 miles away.

The City of Pilot Rock was named for the prominent basalt rock formation located on the west side of the town which was visible from the old Oregon Trail and used as an aim point by wagon trains traveling Emigrant Pass and Cabbage Hill.

Pilot Rock is located in Northeastern Oregon approximately 15 miles south of Pendleton in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.  It is a small community of 1505.  The main industries are timber and agriculture.  Pilot Rock is home to one mill: Woodgrain Lumber.

Rolling hills of grass land and grain fields depict the land which lies at the base of the Blue Mountains.  Pilot Rock is located at the confluence of East and West Birch Creek, tributaries of the Umatilla River.

The population was 1502 at the 2010 census.


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Main Street